Jay Needham

Jay Needham is an artist, radio producer and composer whose sound and visual works are often concerned with the politics of borders and acts of listening. Although he primarily centers his creative and critical practice on radio and the transmission arts, screenings of his video series on memory and architecture have appeared at festivals and conferences worldwide. 13 Buildings premiered at the 9th. Videomedeja in Serbia with additional screenings at the Sydney Opera House during d/art 2006. The series has been distributed by the Centre for Art and Technology, Finland on the DVD Flux Vol.1 and Vol. 2. The second installment titled OPENED screened at the VIBGYOR Film Festival in Kerala India and during the Simultan Video and New Media Art Festival in Timisoara, Romania.
His radio documentary Listening at the Border was a special presentation during Sonic Interventions at The University of Amsterdam in 2005. Broadcast on numerous NPR stations in the United States, the work traces several years in the life of an NSA sound spy. Additional programming events include Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre and during Radiotesla as a part of War, at Tesla im Podewils Palais, Berlin, Germany.
Other works include his micro radio work There and Back performed and aired as a part of Particle/Wave during Pixel Ache 2005 at The Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki and the recently installed Tell Us Your Secrets during Waves, curated by RIXC and Armin Medosch at The Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga 2006.
A Slow Crash, his narrative work for radio, aired and streamed as a part of New Media Scotland’s Resonant Cities program and was released on Deep Wireless II in 2005 by New Adventures in Sound Art.
Jay is a frequent collaborator with The Association Panamericana para la Concervacion, a rainforest conservation NGO based in The Republic of Panama.
Writings and selections of his sound works will be published in 2007 in Hearing Places edited by Ros Bandt. Cambridge Scholars Press. (In press)
He is currently producing, researching and composing a radio feature on his family’s relation to the origins of the atomic bomb. A live FM performance of that work will premiere in Brussels in October during The Radiophonic Biennale. Needham holds an MFA from The School of Art at California Institute of the Arts. Jay teaches courses in Sonic Arts, in the Department of Radio–Television, College of Mass Communication and Media Arts at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.