Waterseller – Lauren Moffatt (DE)

Waterseller is both the documentation of a happening staged within Berlin’s Pergamon Museum in 2007 and an experiment in perceptual narrative technique and Photoshop animation. The film presents a young woman singing in front of one of the museum’s exhibits, a giant religious altar from Ancient Greece reassembled inside one of the museum halls, while oblivious museum-goers mill about in the background listening to their audio tours.

Crystal (loop) – Gareth Spor (USA)

Crystal Loop (Pollyanna) is a brief video loop with audio. The video and audio are modified appropriated clips from the 1960 Disney film, Pollyanna, concerning a young girl who brightens the lives of a town’s gloomy citizenry. The scene we see in this video is of the main character producing a rainbow on a wall by dangling a piece of cut glass in a window and the bewildered responses of herself and an older woman.

Rivi – Nelly-Eve Rajotte (CA)

The sound screen suggests a significant space quasi tactile in resonance with the edited images.

OPENED – Jay Needham (USA)

The piece is a continuation of the work that started with 13 buildings and features spare recounting of a monolouge left on an answering machine. OPENED relates to 13 buildings, but neither is the first in the series. The sounds gathered for this piece are of Spring rainstoms in Southern Illinois.