How can we help you to become Boring?

The Boring Film team can help you if:

You are a Media Artist that has some footage on:

* Mini-DV/DV
* Audio CD
* or in a movie file or disc (Mac or PC)

that you would like professionally presented on the medium you require, such as

* DVD-ROM, DVD-5, DVD-9 (with or without DVD menu)
* VCD/SVCD (Eastern market)
* Mini-DV/DV
* or a movie file (Mac or PC)

or for the internet in a streaming format for your website, we can prepare your material for the web in Flash (.swf or .flv), Quicktime (.mov), Windows media (.wmv), Real Media (.rm) Web/Internet formats:

* Flash (.swf)
* Quicktime (.mov)
* Windows media (.wmv)
* Real Media (.rm)
* A Macromedia Flash MX video file in which the video and audio are compressed.

We also can format your media for mobile viewing/listening:

* .mp3
* audio: PCM & WAV
* .aac
* .mpg
* MPEG-4
* DivX
* RealAudio® and RealVideo®
* and many other 3GPP-compliants

If you need custom type media formats for still image media our sister company Boring Design can help you, such as generating custom imagery and also converting client supplied artwork:

* ColorAnimations
* Gray Scale
* Black & White
* Text based formats delivered via SMS/EMS

Image formats:

* EMS Variable Picture
* Nokia Screen Saver
* Nokia Operator Logo
* Nokia Group Graphic
* Nokia Picture Message
* Screen Saver Animations
* Wallpapers

We also other the service to document your event:

* whether it is a live performance (Performance Art)
* a live stage event (Live Music, Opera, Classical, New Media)
* a conference
* or shooting footage for a collaborative piece

Consultation services, covering:

* Grant applications
* Funding
* Distribution
* Think tank discussions
* Production outlines
* Project visualizations

You need advice/consultation in the ways of getting your work distributed.